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Evaluation Facilities

The Certification Body licenses evaluation facilities (ITSEFs) to perform security evaluations under the NSCIB. Only an ITSEF licensed by the CB may perform evaluations that can lead to a certificate under the NSCIB. Within the NSCIB there is provision for several ITSEFs.

For the licensing of an ITSEF, the Certification Body requires the fulfilment of the following:

  • The ITSEF shall have a demonstrable functioning quality system, meaning an ISO-17025 accreditation with relevant scope;
  • The ITSEF shall employ staff having demonstrable general technical skills, IT skills, and Common Criteria knowledge;
  • The ITSEF shall be demonstrably able to handle the Common Criteria and the Common Evaluation methodology;
  • The ITSEF shall demonstrate that the organisation, the staff, and the processes are sufficiently secure.
  • The verification of the compliance of these requirements shall be performed in conformance with part 3 of the NSCIB Scheme documentation.

List of licensed ITSEFs

Brightsight BV
IT Security Evaluation Facility

Technical domains:
Smartcards and similar devices
Hardware devices and security boxes

Delftechpark 1
2628 XJ Delft - The Netherlands
Tel: +31 15 2692500
Fax: +31 15 2692555 
E-mail: info@brighsight.com                                                                                               Web: http://www.brightsight.com



Riscure BV
IT Security Evaluation Facility

Technical domains:
Smartcards and similar devices

Delftechpark 49
2628 XJ Delft - The Netherlands
Tel: +31 15 2514090
Fax: +31 15 2514099
E-mail: inforequest@riscure.com                                                                                        Web: http://www.riscure.com


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