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Certified products

CC-06-08985Sony RC-S952/5MV with contact-based operating system out of scope, v1.0
CC-06-7008Sony RC-S954/2MV with contact-based operating system out of scope, v1.0.1
CC-07-09219Luna PCI Configured for Use in Luna SA 4.1 with Backup
CC-07-09482T6NC9 Integrated Circuit with Crypto Library v1.1
CC-07-09612Sony RC-S957 with contact-based operating system out of scope, v1.0
CC-07-09735Automonous Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation Secure Double Wall, version 1.0.2
CC-07-09736Automonous Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation Secure Double Wall, version 1.2
CC-08-10573Toshiba FS Sigma version 01.01.05
CC-09-10991Sony RC-S957/2 Series with contact-based operating system out of scope, v1.0
CC-09-11025Fort Fox Hardware Data Diode, versie FFHDD2+
CC-09-11192G+D Starcos 3.4 ID Tachograph versions C2 and C3
CC-10-26681TOSMART-P080 Version 01.06.04 + NVM Ver.01.00.01
CC-10-30076JREM MN67S150-D Contactless Smart Card IC chip with fast processing function for transport
CC-11-10153ZTE NetNumen U31 R13 V12.11.10 Element Management System (EMS) for Linux/HP
CC-11-10492T6ND1 Integrated Circuit with Crypto Library v6.0
CC-11-26151ProxSIM Taurus, v1.0
CC-11-32973ProxSIM Taurus, v1.02
CC-11-33074VeriFone MX 9x5 Payment Terminal
CC-12-36242-CR2Crypto Library V1.0 on P60D024/016/012PVB(Y/Z/A/)/PVF
CC-12-36243Crypto Library V1.0 on P60x080/052/040PVC
CC-12-36329FeliCa Contactless Smartcard IC RC-SA01/1 Series and RC-SA01/2 Series, version 1.0
CC-12-36505Cabman BCT, V1.x-x
CC-12-36718SafeNet Luna PCI configured for use in Luna SA 4.5.1 (RF) with Backup
CC-12-36874IAI/MLM Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (AACMI) Trusted Data Guard (TDG) v1.0
CC-12-36934Quipment BCT Focus v1.x.x
CC-13-37078FeliCa Contactless Smartcard IC RC-SA04/1 Series version 1.0
CC-13-37581-CR2Crypto Library V1.0 on P60D80/052/040yVC
CC-13-37582-CR2Crypto Library V1.0 on P60x144/080yVA/yVA(B)
CC-13-37658NXP Secure Smart Card Controller P40C012/040/072 VD
CC-13-37760NXP J3E145 M64, J3E120 M65, J3E082 M65, J2E145 M64, J2E120 M65, and J2E082 M65 Secure Smart Card Controller Revision 3
CC-13-37761NXP J3E081 M64, J3E081 M66, J2E081 M64, J3E041 M66, J3E016 M66, J3E016 M64, J3E041 M64 Secure Smart Card Controller Revision 3.
CC-13-37762NXP J3E081 M64 DF, J3E081 M66 DF, J3E041 M^^ DF, J#E 016 M66 DF, J3E041 M64 DF and J3E016 M64 DF Secure Smart Card Controller Revision 3
CC-13-37812Crypto Library V2.0 on P61N1M3PVD/VD-1/VE-1
CC-13-37968Firmaware Libraties V1.1 on P40C012/040/072 VD
CC-14-39582Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches running IOS-XE 3.6.0E and Catalyst 6500 Series Switches running IOS 15.1(2)SY3
CC-14-49712Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches, running NX-OS 6.2.12
CC-15-84058Crypto Library V1.0 on P60x080/052/040yVC(Y/Z/A)/yVG
CC-16-31801-CR4Crypto Library V1.0 on P60x144/080yVA/yVA(Y/B/X)/yVE
CC-16-66461Blue Coat systems, Inc. SSL Visibility Appliance, 3.8.4FC
CC-16-67351JCOP 3 EMV P60
CC-16-77333Cisco Nexus 5600 Series Switches with 2000 Series Fabric Extenders, running NX-OS 7.2(1)N1(1)
CC-16-77633STARCOS 3.6 ID Tachograph C1
CC-16-95781Mercury ePassport v1.16
CC-16-99111-CRNXP JCOP 3 SECID P60 (OSA)
CC-17-119023Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateway, WF-500, Version 1
CC-17-127667EP-COS V3.0 Plain, EPCOSV30d
CC-17-146301Mercury ePassport v2.10
CC-17-179205Luna PCI-E Cryptographic Module, Firmware version 6.10.9 (AVA_VAN.5)
CC-17-37322Crypto Library V1.0 on P60D024/016/012yVB(Y/Z/A)/yVF
CC-17-38671Luna PCI-E Cryptographic Module, Firmware version 6.10.9
CC-17-46874Crypto Library V2.0 on P60x017/041PVE
CC-17-58905Cisco UCS 5100 Series Blade Server Chassis, B-Series Blade Servers, C-Series Rack-Mount Servers, 2200/2300 Series Fabric EXtenders, and 6200/6300 Series Fabric Interconnects with Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager 3.1(2b)
CC-17-65156Firmware Libraries V2.x on P40C008/012/024/040/072 VE.001
CC-17-65655NXP Secure Smart Card Controller P40C008/012/024/040/072 VE.001
CC-17-66030Crypto Library V3.1.x on P6021y VB
CC-17-66433Symantec SSL Visibility Appliance,
CC-17-67206Crypto Library V3.1.x on P6022y VB
CC-17-87206Ep-COS V3.0, EPCOSV30c
CC-17-93012Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches in standalone mode with Nexus 2000 Fabric Extenders, v7.0(3)I5(1)
CC-18-98209NXP JCOP 3 SECID P60 CS (OSB)
PC 4601856FeliCa Contactless Smartcard IC RC-SA00/1 Series and RC-SA00/2 Series version 1.0
PC 4603055Nexor Sentinel 3E Filtering System
PC 4603292Taxitronic BCT ONE Boordcomputer Taxi (Secure component v1.x)
PC 4603306Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateway model WF-400, version 1

Certified protection profiles

CC-08-10381-CR3Beveiligingsprofiel Boordcomputer Taxi (PP-BCT), versie 1.8, 6 februari 2015

Certified sites

S-14-40175-CR3GlobalLogic Zilina - Slovakia
SS-16-38175-CR2Atos Bydgoszcz, Secure Room B20S1, Beta Building
SS-16-38181-CR2NXP High Tech Campus Building 60 Secure Room 131
SS-16-38182CenturyLink/NXP Data Center, CenturyLink SC9

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